So much is coming my way this year my heads spinning. Hollywood and fashion opportunities are overtaking me to the point of overwhelming my mind. IT’S CRAZY!!!! So today as I looked out of my window and I contemplated some things. I was just grateful for this moment I had to spend by myself to think after church. I realized that everything that happens to us in life (the good, the bad & the sad,) all work for our greater good. By that I mean the great person we are in the present time! If we took any little incident out from our history,(even the worst one’s) we would be a totally different person today, right now! Will Smith says that we should bend the universe to our will. This means that God has given us the ability to shape who we become. None of us can actually select how we begin life, what family we’re born into or how others treat us. But we can determine our end. We can use pain for motivation, fear for inspiration and rejection for obsessive focus. And that’s when we become who WE were truly born to be and not what others tried to make us! “Being realistic is the most easily traveled path to mediocrity!” XOXOX!!! Thanks for all those on this life journey with me. There’s only great things ahead!!!!!


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