To the critics

I’ve already stated it before, I’m in the middle of doing tons of projects not to include recent meetings with several major Hollywood studios. Then theres the stuff with my children’s book that’s coming out this year. I’M BURNING THE CANDLE ON BOTH ENDS!

I’ve been very, very, busy trying my best keep up with the nice people follow my blog for what it is at the moment. The one’s who are enjoying my posts as of right now understand this. They are rooting for my sucess so I WILL have major things to say and write in the future.

If you don’t want to look at my posts, you’re more than welcome to read the millions of other blogs on this website or on the net for that matter. I don’t want to see “you don’t write” or  “why dont you write more stuff?”every othe week. I’m trying to get PAID huge for my writing and that means hardly any free time. Working on several projects at one is rewarding but NOT easy.

I have no time for negativety. I’m not holding your eyes hostage so please feel free to look away or skip my blog.

Now, to all you awesome people who follow me this is not directed at you. I appreciate all the feedback, comment and support!!!!! Thanks and stay blessed

Cali-Kisses XOXO

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