The Actress

Why is it that the one you want for you can’t be the one everyone else wants for you?

When you’re with the one that everyone else loves you being with

It makes you very aware that you do not love being with him?

Your mind is thinking of the one that truly that makes you feel….

And it’s that special quality about him that you truly love

He just makes you feel…..feel every single nuance and ray of emotion

Feel alive, loved, happy, captivated, content, inspired and complete

His gift to you is that he just makes you feel emotions that were dormant

Yet you are not able to pull away from the expectations of those around you

“He’s the one for you”, “You’re going to be so happy together”

That’s what everyone says as you politely fake your timid smile

Because the one thing is that you know that you are an actress

Pretending to be in love…trapped by custom, expectations and traditions

And only you know that your fake smile hides real profound sadness 


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