Blueprint Juices & Cleanses: Loving it




About the brand:

Designed to detoxify and purify the body by consuming only fresh pressed fruit and vegetable juices, BluePrintCleanse (BPC) is the first line of juice cleanse to offer varying levels of intensity, depending on one’s dietary habits and history. It’s a practical, user-friendly system of cleansing for all nutritional lifestyles, from the most austere of raw food acolytes to the burger-and-red wine lovers looking to periodically offset the damages of indulgence.

More on BluePrint

Based in New York and Los Angeles, BluePrint’s products are available nationwide. Recently, the company opened a second juicing facility in Los Angeles and also launched its first international market in Canada. BluePrint continues to introduce a variety of new products and services, including nutritional consultations with its registered dietitian and The 3-Day Cleanse book, featuring recipes and tips on cleansing and raw food, making it even easier and more convenient to enjoy the benefits of fresh pressed juice and whole, natural ingredients at home.

Personally, I don’t think you have to be a vegan or vegetarian (as I am) to pursue a healthier lifestyle. It’s crucial that everyone gets enough veggies and fruits in their diet. And before you ask, no they don’t taste bad for those of you who have an aversion to vegetables LOL.

You can find them in any health store like Wholefoods and Sprouts. To find a participating store near you here’s a link.

Just try it once, you won’t regret it and your body will thank you.

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