Try Eiswein (Ice Wine)

inniskillin_ice_wineNever had Ice Wine? Es ist nicht gut! Then you don’t know what you’re missing. It’s like having a slushee that’s been amped up 100 notches. I may be biased but the best Ice wine comes from Germany. It’s known as “Eiswein’ in Germany and ‘Icewine’ in Canada. Many countries try to reproduce this drink in their own regions, however, don’t be fooled.

By tradition, these awesome wines are the signature of Germany and Austria. The wine is super sweet and palatable unlike some other wines that leave your tongue with a bitter aftertaste. I like to describe it as liquid candy. Trust me you won’t need to serve dessert if you bring this out at your next event. There are many sites where you can order genuine German Eisweins. My favorite being Primewines:

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To Serve: You have to have to chill it in in your freezer and serve it when the bottle becomes frosted white. Also Chill glasses beforehand. Never add ice.

The Taste:
The bouquet of icewine is a blend of exotic fruits and fragrances and the taste holds intense flavors. Ice wine has a distinctive concentrated sweet taste with a much higher viscosity than normal table wines, with tastes of honey, apricot, luscious peaches, ripe mango, melon, tropical fruits, nuts, and floral flavours and aromas, especially with incredibly long finish.(, 2013)

How It’s Made:
Process: Grapes are allowed to naturally freeze on the vine and hand-plucked on cold winter nights when the temperature hits minus 8 -10degress Centigrade. As the grapes stay much longer on the vines, they are highly concentrated in both sugar and flavor. Since the frozen grapes produce very small quantities of juice, ice wines are extremely expensive.(, 2011)


Genießen. Auf Wiedersehen.

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