Another Project Update


So, I just received a call from my literary agency and Publishing house. They’ve sent over a hard proof of my youth fantasy book (Edore, Foffey & The Man Eating Ogre). They said I need to give a final review so it can go into the next phase.

I can’t believe that things are getting so close. I’ll be working again on my Regency novel once the launch for this book is complete. I love Regency so it’ll be a labor of love. Also, I have lots of Hollywood meeting due to my screenwriting throughout the summer. I’m going to be a very, very, busy gal.

In other news, they wanted me to close my Facebook & Blog so they can run a corporate site for me. However, I declined, cause I like it here. I know they’re going to do a professional site soon regardless but I want to keep this open. I like interacting with people.

I don’t want to become pretentious and ignore the people who’ve brought smiles to my face every day.

Stick with me folks cause we’re going places.

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