Gaming: GTA V

In case I have failed to mention this before, I’m a gamer. I love titles that not only immerse me in the story but offer responsive and dynamic gameplay. Which bring us to my topic. What games are the must haves? Well, there are several companies rolling out new titles soon and I want to mention the one’s I’m looking forward to. My first selection is GTA V by RockStar.

My brother and I have played all the previous versions and have never been disappointed with what RockStar does with this franchise. My favorite thing to do is cause enough havoc to have both the police and military after me. LOL. It’s a very therapeutic game and allows you to release stress by doing things you would NEVER do in real life.

Unlike the previous releases, we no longer play as one main character. This time around, we have a main story that revolves around three protagonists, each having an individual story that intersects with the others.

•Michael: Ex-bank robber living lavishly in witness protection with his family.
•Trevor: Trailer trash with a bad and spontaneous attitude.
•Franklin: Young gun taking his career path to a new level.

The story takes place in a fictional version of Los Angeles and offers online play as well. With all the improvements in gameplay, this is a title that all hardcore gamers must pick up. Release date is SEPT 17th! Be warned, the game previews include violence and strong language and may offend some people.



Official Trailer 1

Official Trailer 2

Official Trailer 3

Official Trailer 4

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