Moving Forward

Hey Dolls and Gents,

Just wanted to say hello and update everyone about my first project I’ve been going on about for a while now. My Youth Fantasy book, Edore, Foffey and the Man Eating Ogre is almost here!

It’s the age of enchantment and mythological creatures abound all over the land: good, evil, and in-between. Mankind is looking for a hero to vanquish a giant man-eating ogre, but no one dares to undertake the mission as all who have tried have failed. Knights, warriors, and reward seekers have all met their doom at his hands. So why do twin ten-year-old brothers Edore and Foffey think they have what it takes? Well, all their life, their grandfather has told them they were special. But how truly special are they?

The official release date of the book is 12/10/2013. This is only a date set by distributors and wholesalers to make sure the books are in place for ordering on all available sites and bookstores. However, it is available for pre-order now here:

You can take a look at the Tipsheet here www.tatepublishing.com_tipsheet_book.php_key=21329

It seems like many adults enjoy the story as much the teens and kids do, which is a big plus for me. The press release won’t be out until the official release date however. I’ll post it when I receive it. Also, my publisher is working on the commercial and official site, so I have some time to get mentally prepared. LOL.

Thank you all for taking time to follow me on my journey. There’s allot more to come. A military friend and I are in the initial phase of starting our own production company. It’s the best way to have better leverage with our screenplays. Till then, stay driven and keep dreaming!


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