Le Cafe Pouchkine- Fine Dining

Le Café Pouchkine à Paris

Le Café Pouchkine est une destination gourmande incontournable de la capitale russe depuis 1999. Créé par Andrey Dellos, fondateur de la Maison Dellos, le Café Pouchkine est dédié à la cuisine russe et française dans un décor d’exception. Il est aujourd’hui un lieu mythique de la restauration moscovite reconnu dans le monde entier.


It is on the ground floor of the spring of fashionable boulevard Haussmann that the creator of the sign, Andrey Dellos chose to install the first French variation of the Café Pushkin, with a space dedicated to gluttony.

There are the creations of the pastry chef Emmanuel Ryon in a 18th century-inspired décor that evokes the Tsars of Russia. The showcase seduces the eye and invites the Palace with a collection of gourmet masterpieces to the design refined between France and Russia: perogies (small pasta with mushrooms or pickled vegetables), prianick (Russian gingerbread), Medovick (dessert composed of honey buckwheat, jam Russian milk and cream), Prague or both flavors macaroons…

Especially sweet and savory creations of the Pushkin Café in Paris are a taste trip to take home or to offer on-site along with a Kvass refreshing (fermented rye bread-based drink) original fragrant teas, coffees or the famous pastry Pushkin coffee hot chocolate served in beautiful chocolate of time.

Located at 64, boulevard Haussmann 75009 Paris.  Or visit them here http://www.cafe-pouchkine.fr/#







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