Fantasy Land


Hey Dolls and Gents,

Just wanted to share some graphics from my fantasy book Edore, Foffey and the Man Eating Ogre. My official author website will be up soon as well as the commercial. Book will be available on Dec 10th but it’s available for pre-order here:

Je vous remercie tous mes beaux amis.

About the book:

It’s the age of enchantment and mythological creatures abound all over the land:
good, evil, and in-between. Mankind is looking for a hero to vanquish a giant
man-eating ogre, but no one dares to undertake the mission as all who have tried
have failed. Knights, warriors, and reward seekers have all met their doom at
his hands. So why do twin ten-year-old brothers Edore and Foffey think they have
what it takes? Well, all their life, their grandfather has told them they were
special. But how truly special are they?


Alma Tadema Paintings

I guess you can all tell by now that I LOVE artwork. I have been quite busy of late and that is the only reason I haven’t posted as much as I really wanted. Hopefully, I will try to do my posts  the evenings now before I got to bed. Anyway, here is another artist I have come across recently. I simply adore his work.


Lawrence Alma-Tadema was one of the most renowned painters of late nineteenth century Britain. Universally admired for his superb draftsmanship and ‘real to life’ depictions of Classical antiquity he was much sought after by Victorian collectors who intimately connected with his vision. He so embraced the aspirations of his day that when the idealistic illusions of his age were shattered by modernism and the Great War his art fell from favour. Now, again, as the re-evaluation of that era is well underway his reputation is rebounding. The study of the artist and his art must begin as always with their origins (Art Renewal, August 2013).