Quick Project update

Hey Dolls & Gents,

Just like the rest of you, I’ve been super busy since the Thanksgiving holidays. Anyway, just wanted to let everyone know that my official release date of my fantasy book is almost here. Dec 10th! How exciting is that? Please be sure to visit my author page here.

You can also find my fantasy book on Barnes &Nobles

Amazon Author Page



Official Author Page

Hey Everyone,
Well, my official author website is now up.

My official FB is

I will be attending my first book signing in January 2014. So, I intend on giving away ten signed copies of my book in a contest in the near future. Most likely, I’ll give them to the first ten people who like the contest post. After that, each person can email me with their address.

Here’s to a bright future for all of us and a very great ending of the year 2013! Thanks for coming with me on this wild ride, I promise it won’t be boring.

– Cali

Fantasy Land


Hey Dolls and Gents,

Just wanted to share some graphics from my fantasy book Edore, Foffey and the Man Eating Ogre. My official author website will be up soon as well as the commercial. Book will be available on Dec 10th but it’s available for pre-order here:

Je vous remercie tous mes beaux amis.

About the book:

It’s the age of enchantment and mythological creatures abound all over the land:
good, evil, and in-between. Mankind is looking for a hero to vanquish a giant
man-eating ogre, but no one dares to undertake the mission as all who have tried
have failed. Knights, warriors, and reward seekers have all met their doom at
his hands. So why do twin ten-year-old brothers Edore and Foffey think they have
what it takes? Well, all their life, their grandfather has told them they were
special. But how truly special are they?


Another Project Update


So, I just received a call from my literary agency and Publishing house. They’ve sent over a hard proof of my youth fantasy book (Edore, Foffey & The Man Eating Ogre). They said I need to give a final review so it can go into the next phase.

I can’t believe that things are getting so close. I’ll be working again on my Regency novel once the launch for this book is complete. I love Regency so it’ll be a labor of love. Also, I have lots of Hollywood meeting due to my screenwriting throughout the summer. I’m going to be a very, very, busy gal.

In other news, they wanted me to close my Facebook & Blog so they can run a corporate site for me. However, I declined, cause I like it here. I know they’re going to do a professional site soon regardless but I want to keep this open. I like interacting with people.

I don’t want to become pretentious and ignore the people who’ve brought smiles to my face every day.

Stick with me folks cause we’re going places.


Well, I got a call from my literary agent yesterday and my youth reader is nearing completion. They informed me that it’s currently in illustration as of now. So excited. To add to that, my screenwriting career is on the upswing. Just got word I’ve been invited to a luncheon next week with some Hollywood insider types. How great is that. Can’t say that I’m not nervous or second guessing myself but I suppose that’s normal when your working towards a dream. I just got to remember that fear is only a four letter word. It’s in overcoming self-doubt that we can grow. Have a great evening.