Edith Head


Who is Edith Head? Well she is one of the most prolific costume designers in Hollywood History. She created masterpieces for enduring icons like Grace Kelly, Bette Davis, Gloria Swanson, Elizabeth, Lucille Ball and Audrey Hepburn.

I am in love with her sketches because they take us back to a time when actors and actresses were the most glamorous. The Golden Age of Hollywood as many refer to it. It would be nice to see celebrities return to classy fashion one day.



EDITH DEAD (With her eight Oscars in the background. She also has a star on the Walk of Fame)

Edith Head (born October 28, 1897) became chief designer at Paramount Pictures in 1933 and later worked at Universal. Hollywood’s best-known designer, her costumes ranged from the elegantly simple to the elaborately flamboyant. She won a record eight Academy Awards for her work in films such as All About Eve (1950), Roman Holiday (1953), and The Sting (1973). (IMDB)

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