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Reason to believe




I’m just in the midst of packing at the moment as I prepare to move. Anyway, I find that life is an amazing (though very challenging) process. I’m very excited right now even though at first I was super nervous and scared. Thoughts like, “What if this goes wrong?” “Do I know what I’m doing?” “Isn’t it easier to live with your family forever?” and on and on were running through my head.

Then however, I remembered a wise man once said, “It’s when we do the easy things in life that life becomes hard.” I didn’t understand how profound that was but I am slowly seeing what he meant. It’s always easier to play it safe and not take chances. It’s easy to make excuses and blame other people. It gives us a crutch for our own shortcoming and lack of effort. But, it’s important to let those type of thoughts pass. And yes we all will have those doubts. EVERYONE!

But life is a journey. A journey that we can’t undertake if we fear change. Change is the only facilitator of progress and progress births success.

I hope you guys didn’t mind my little sermon (LOL). Just felt it needed to be said. Who knows it may encourage someone.

Luv you all.