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Thank You!


Hey everyone,

Just wanted to thank you for reading my blog and thusly, extend my sincerest appreciation. I wish for you all long life and great health above all things. May these two things be the foundation for everything else that comes into your lives in 2014. Please remember to:

1. Laugh. Things will only get better, despite what the past year was like.

2. Love. Yourself, first and foremost. This is the only way to receive it back in genuine fashion.

3. Dream. Believe that whatever you want is not beyond your reach.

4. Avoid. Negative people and situations. You only get one life so don’t spend time justifying yourself to people.

5. Relax. Rome was not built in a day. Wherever you’re headed in this life, you’re right on schedule

6. Accept. Let go of the past. Remember, every mistake or bad decision has made you who you are today.

Ayez un jour fort et impressionnant mes amis!